Wakeup Woes

I left home the other day, find a place to lay my unborn claim
Tried to walk with my feet draggin' miles behind me while I'm laggin' on the street
Well I had alittle much last night, but at the time I thought I'd mixed it up alright
You know I've felt the rise and fall, but now I feel like I am barely two feet tall

Sore in the mornin'
Friendly in the night
Ride that rhythm slowly
Make me feel alright, wooah

Make it feel alright
Make it go all night
Make it feel alright
Make it go all night

Met the girl the other day, downtown in the bar she was a'lookin' my way
Left before I caught her name, ran to her but my legs went good and lame
Had to stop to rest my feet, rockin' chair feels better when your body's good and beat
But on my mind, that little girl, weighin' me down like the weight of the world

Sore in the mornin'
That means you done it good
Left my mind a'soarin'
Just like I knew you could

Like I knew you could
Like I think you should
Like I wish you would
Like I knew you could

I awoke the other day, didn't know exactly whose bed I lay
Poison crushed my memory, he that lies with dogs will wake up with the fleas
So I swore it off for one last time, but the bottle found my hand around half past nine
I guess thats how it goes for those, livin' for the night time and those wakeup woes