No one can tell you how to feel or how to live your life
Not even I can make you do what you don't feel is right
It's through the dark that you ever shall reveal the light
So I'll depart for your room around the mid of night

Suzanna, please believe me
Suzanna, woooh
Suzanna, never to leave me
Suzanna, woooh

Been so long
Since I held on, held on held on to you

I saw you bathing with your lover in the sacred garden
I heard you breathing out loud it made my body harden
So I wandered to your room just to beg your pardon
Maybe we could make amends or we could strike a bargain

I've been a'waitin' for awhile by your wicked window
I tried climbin' up your vines but you won't let me in though
Been playin' you love song on my beaten banjo
Until the risin' of the sun, it warms my empty soul