Ragtime Rug

I’ve got a rug as cheap as can be
Sits on my floor, feels good on my feet
If you come by, on by my back door
I’ll let you feel the rug on my floor

Come on baby it’s a ragtime
Everybody cut the rug
Ain’t no time for that drag time
Everybody cut the rug

Flea market sale, I couldn’t walk by
Jumped right in, the rug caught my eye
Grabbed for my change, a change in my life
This was my day, I could not deny

Went to my house, mixed up some tea
Threw the rug down then that tea got to me
Went to a world with the rug on my ground
What I saw I could never have found
If it weren’t for my rug and my tea for two
Come on by I got some tea for you