Mississippi Queen 

Mississippi Queen, down the waterline
Mississippi Queen, you’re lookin’ fine
Paddlewheel keep rollin’ from my home
Ride that river, don’t throw me out
Cause if I fall I’ll drown, no doubt
Queen of the river and Mississippi is her home

Mississippi don’t let her take me
On down the waterline, on down the waterline
Mississippi don’t let them miss me
When the river takes my life, when the river takes my life

Well I’m runnin’ from all kinds of men
I’m shovelin’ hard in debt again
So Baton Rogue ain’t my kind of scene
I know another place to see
Been wrecked and treated bad like me
I’m goin’ on down to New Orleans

Well if you go on down the river
I bet you’ll find people to give you
Any old thing in this world
Just watch out for those Shepherdsons
The Duke and King are foolin’ ones
I’ve had enough, I need my river girl