Long Willie Jackson

Long Willie Jackson played on the streets of my hometown
Children from everywhere would stop to ‘gather round
Hey Willie, how do you play the blues like you do?
Hey Child, you’ll understand when life gets through with you

Tallest man in the whole damn town, knows when its gonna rain
Lonely as the stars above but never known to complain
And when those thunder clouds come rollin’ towards our way
Willie swats them out of town and the sun shines on for days

Willie, was a man
Fifty Feet Tall
Willie, was a man
Loneliest of All
I knew Willie, Willie knew me
Kept us lookin’ up for possibility

Willie had a feline friend by the name of Stevie B.
Sat upon his shoulder and the whole world he could see
That cat came down at night with fog around his paws
Tip-toe to my window, whisper wonders that he saw

Willie fell in love with a girl named Linda Lu
She lived on the mountain top, was known as the town recluse
They both knew loneliness from livin’ up too high
Willie wanted to take her hand and make her his wife

Linda, I can take you all across the great wide world
We can hop the oceans if you’ll be my baby girl
Willy, I appreciate your offering, my dear
Adventure wasn’t meant for me, my place is only here

So Willie got drunk, drank the whole moonshine still
Stumbled round all over town, stompin’ with his heels
Linda came from the mountain top, hearin’ Willie’s sound
Willie in his drunken rage, stomped poor Linda down

Stevie B came to my room with sad and lonely eyes
Told me Long Willie left, left us all behind
He ran to Canada, left footprints on his way
Rain came for revenge, filled his tracks with the Great Lakes