Fight to Survive

It’s a sad life we’re livin’
When the dominant rule the crowd
You’ve got to ask yourself how much
Bloodshed must we allow
The King he sits on his thrown
The Jester looses his head
The King he is mighty
But the dread is seen in red

Brutality, Dishonesty
Roll your sins away from me
O my Lord, mercy me
Fight to power that’s pressin’ me
The world is pushin’ us to stay alive
You gotta fight to survive

I try to plant a seed
The Bush won’t let it grow
It overtakes the pathway
Of where we need to go
The Bush it is mighty
But the roots are runnin’ thin
I had to rip it out of the ground
With the strength of a million men

Oooo, Hold on, Hold on
Oooo, Hold on, Be strong
Oooo, Hold on, Carry on
Oooo, Hold on, Be strong

Someday we’ll be free
Free up in those stars above
Free from hell below
Free from what’s to come
Sometimes it is day
Sometimes it is night
Sometimes the things we once thought wrong
End up alright