Catch A Feelin’

Fee fi fo fum,
I smell some of that panama rum
Drinkin’ the day, shoot up the night
Get yourself clean by the mornin’ light, hey

If the light don’t shine when the mornin’ comes
Maybe you had a little too much fun
Funny sometimes, you think the day
Is just another dream in your fantasy, hey, hey

Fee fi sheeba sheeba,
You better check your weather meter
Lightning, thunder, wind, and rain
Comin right through your window pane, hey

Pain breaks through your mama’s eyes
Everytime you tell those lies
Now you lie on the streets today
Wishin’ you lived another way, hey, hey

If your down and you want to get up
But you only got a quarter in your cup
Spend it wisely
You can call me
I’ve got your answer
I’ve got your remedy
Anytime that you’re wantin’
Anytime that you’re needin’
Catch a feelin’
Catch a feelin’

Fee fi chillin chillin
That’s the way you catch a feelin’
Feel your way to the moon and stars
Make sure you don’t go too far, hey ey

If you fly far past the moon
Make your way around Neptune
Stop awhile at the local bar
Get some panama rum to ease your scars, hey, hey