Busted and Blinded

Sittin' back thinkin' out in San Diego
But I left my mind back in Idaho
Watch what you're drinkin' when you're rockin' in Reno
It'll take your money, it'll steal your soul
Right outside there's runnin' bundels of some bandits
Hard on the run smugglin' pieces of gold
Backflippin' baby but they never can land it
Wind up knockin' their poor feet on the floor

Busted and blinded, left out to dry
Livin' and lovin's how I'm gettin' by now
Busted & binded, left out to dry
Take it to the highway, take it to the sky

Thinkin' you're an angel cause you're wearin' a halo
But I saw you buy it at the corner store
Winnin' your money in the Devil's casino
And everytime you play you know you want alittle more
You know it's not a problem if you want to go wander
On past the crowd where the path divides
Makin' your way in the great out yonder
I'll meet you there when you make it to the other side

Sneakin' and a'trudgin' through those valleys and hollows
Washin' in the river with the suds and the foam
A man ought to know without the point of  a compass
Which way the winds blowin' towards his home
But me I'm lost in the heart of the blue fog
Strugglin' in Savannah with those shadows alone
My baby comes around and she thinks she can save me
My baby comes around and she points the direction home