Absolute Value

You wonder in your value, you wonder if you’re worth it
Back in the day you felt alive, you felt alive,
But do you still deserve it
You found your homeplace in the eyes of your beloved
Made up your mind, made up your mind this time
To go with what you've trusted.


(And you gave it away)
The love that surrounds you
(And you gave it away)
A hole in your heart
(And you gave it away)
The Absolute Value
(You want her to stay)
But you know that it’s hard.

Cause sometimes she makes you feel bad
(Dragging you down to the ground)
Sometimes she makes you feel sad
(Pulls you around, and around, and around)
Sometimes she makes you feel mad
(Never ever really understood)
But sometimes she makes you feel, so good

Your high-born lady
Mistress in her power
You sacrifice to make it right, to make it right
Within the honest hour.
Saw you in the corner
Wondering why you’re weeping
A reckonin’s headed your way, day to day
The value that you’re seeking.